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** Free SAT Diagnostic test and Comprehensive report. ***Free ACT Diagnostic test and Comprehensive report
We ensure every student succeeds and reaches his or her potential and embrace the best college education.


The SAT exam is administered by the College Board. It tests critical reading, writing, and mathematics skills that are learned in school.

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Subject SAT

Subject SAT Tests are the only national admissions tests that enable students to showcase their achievements and interests.

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PSAT test scores taken in 11th grade are used for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation programs.

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Why Choose Us?

The primary goal of our institution is to ensure success for every student. We have a passion to teach students and we want to change the way students are motivated and encouraged to achieve their maximum potential. Our Kaizen philosophy drives us to continuously improve our programs to achieve maximum results..
Ensure every student succeeds and reaches his or her potential and embrace best college education.
  1. Provide personalized coaching and guidance to ensure that every student succeeds.
  2. Ensure continuous improvement in every student’s studies.
  3. Provide the best value for the time and money invested by students and their parents.
We are proud to share that our faculty members are a great asset to our organization. We have qualified and experienced faculty members to teach every subject. Our Kaizen (continuous improvement) philosophy is part of our DNA. Our teachers have the utmost passion to coach students. We have an attitude of “do everything” possible to help our students to achieve the best results..


Naga Adavelly – Math Teacher.This is my first year of teaching at Kaizen Learning Center. I loved the way in which it is set up. Being a new teacher, I was provided clear directions.… read more →

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FREE SAT or ACT Diagnostic Test and Comprehensive Report

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