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PSAT (Pre SAT) test is offered to the students while they are in 10th and 11th grades. The scores taken in 11th grade are used for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation programs. All students who take the PSAT/NMSQT will receive an official score report. They will receive scores in critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills and will see how their scores compare to those of other students across the country. Students will be able to see which answers they got right or wrong. They will also receive information about how they performed on specific academic skills.

PSAT test consists of 5 sections. The total duration of the PSAT test is 2 hrs 10 minutes.

1) Critical Reading: 2 sections 2) Mathematics : 2 sections and 3) Writing: 1 section

Critical Reading – 2 multiple-choice sections, in no particular order
Section 1: (Total questions:24, Time: 25 minutes)
8 sentence Completions
2 short reading passages
1 long reading passage 1/passage 2

Section 2: (Total questions:24, Time: 25 minutes)
5 Sentence Completions
1 short Passage 1/Passage 2
1 medium reading passage
1 long reading passage

Math – 2 sections involving both multiple-choice and short answer (grid-in) questions, in
no particular order

Section 1: (Total questions:20, Time: 25 minutes)
20 multiple-choice questions

Section 2: (Total questions:18, Time: 25 minutes)
8 multiple-choice questions
10 grid-in questions

Writing – 1 multiple-choice section, always Section 5 of the PSAT

Section 1: (Total questions:39, Time: 30 minutes)
39 multiple-choice questions

PSAT test does not have Essay unlike SAT.

At Kaizen Learning Center, we offer a robust PSAT preparation course through either classroom style and one-on-one coaching. PSAT is the stepping stone for SAT preparation. Our program benefits younger children who are in the 8th and 9th grades to get a head start on improving academic skills needed to succeed in SAT, college and beyond. Last year, more than half of all PSAT test takers were in grade 10 or younger. Our class room program is a 16 week program on a weekend with 3 hours duration per week. We teach all necessary concepts and techniques in the class. Our students also take at least 6 full practice tests during the course.

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