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K to 12 After School Coaching Program.

Homework Support:
We provide homework support for students from grades KG through 12th grade for any of their school subjects such as Math, Reading, Sciences, and history, etc. These homework support sessions are led by our qualified and experienced tutors. Typically, students are supported in small groups as part of this program. If required, we do offer one-on-one support.

Our tutors work with children in a small group environment to understand where they are struggling and prepare a plan to support them to overcome their gaps. Tutors will communicate the progress with parents on a periodic and/or on event driven basis. We have a very transparent system of seeking feedback from students and parents to continuously improve our processes.

Curriculum Enrichment Program:
We offer curriculum enrichment programs for students from grades 4 through 9 who want to take a higher level of courses to advance their studies. This program is geared towards the students who has the ability to take advanced courses related to Math, English, and Sciences. This program is also organized in small group sessions of 2-4 students. If required, the program can be offered on a one-on-one basis. Our unique methodology of assess-coach-improve-test will be used to coach students. We use various strategies and techniques to improve the progress of a student. We empower students, parents, and teachers to constantly improve our systems. Teachers involve parents to review their children performance on a regular basis. Based on their feedback, teachers will tweak theirs for upcoming sessions. Teachers also give sufficient homework to students as part of this program to ensure that the concepts learned in the class are clearly understood by students.

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