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Frequently Asked Questions.

1) What does “Kaizen” mean?

Kaizen is a very powerful word in the Japanese language: it means “continuous improvement”.  The Kaizen methodology was pioneered by Toyota, which became the number #1 car manufacturer in the world.  Our goal at the Kaizen Learning Center is to instill this philosophy in our students to continuously improve their performance.  As an organization, we apply the same principles so that we will also improve continuously to provide better value to our students and their parents.

2) What programs does the Kaizen Learning Center offer?

For high school students, we offer a variety of programs to prepare students for the SAT and ACT exams, as well as coach students in the areas of GPA improvement, Subject SAT exams and AP courses.

For middle school students, we offer programs that are designed to assist with homework assignments, improve GPA scores, and deliver scholastic enrichment programs.

3) Do you offer support for the college admission process?

Yes, we do.  We assign an expert coach to each student who supports the student with any of the following processes: (1) outline the student’s strategy for college admission; (2) select colleges and programs of study; (3) review the student’s application essay; (4) identify schools that the student wants to target for early decision and early action; (5) obtain recommendations; (6) train the student for the interview process; (7) provide guidelines on how to prepare the student’s resume; (8) apply to FAFSA; (9) apply for scholarships; and (10) negotiate the best deal among the schools where the student is accepted.

4) How do the Kaizen Learning Center’s programs differ from the programs of other institutions?

At the Kaizen Learning Center, we provide an individualized approach to each student in a classroom environment.  For each student, we personalize our feedback and develop strategies and assign lessons to achieve the best results.  This approach enables us to optimize the student’s investment in time and money.  Because of this approach, we provide the “best value” to our students and their parents when we compare ourselves to other programs.  Also, because of our underlying philosophy that is driven by the Kaizen methodology, we empower both out students and instructors to improve our programs continuously.  To this point, we constantly seek feedback and incorporate changes to the program as appropriate.

5) Do you offer one-on-one coaching?

Yes, we do offer one-on-one coaching.  Based on different learning styles and varying strengths and weaknesses of each student, one-on-one coaching may be the most beneficial solution for an individual student.  Also, if appropriate, we provide individual instructor coaching for smaller groups of students (i.e. fewer students than the typical classroom setting of 10-15 students).

6) Who teaches at Kaizen Learning Center?

All of our instructors are qualified and experienced and have a great passion to teach. Many of our instructors are certified and teach at local colleges or high schools. All of our instructors have earned either a masters degree or PhD.

7) What is the typical size of an SAT/PSAT class?

Our average class size is anywhere between 10 and 15 students. Our instructors monitor each student’s baseline score and results of bi-weekly full tests; therefore, instructors are clearly aware of every student’s progress throughout the program.  Based on this approach, we are able to apply different strategies to improve each student’s scores.

8) Can students register in the middle of the course?

We encourage students to register in the beginning of the course. However, we can accommodate students in the middle of the course when unavoidable circumstances occur.

9) What is Kaizen Learning Center’s attendance policy?

We ask students to attend all classes to get the maximum benefit from the program. If a student misses a class, we ask him or her to complete the homework assigned to that week and to contact the instructor to clarify any questions.

10) Do you have any programs to improve student’s GPAs?

Yes, we do. We work with high school students to identify their opportunities for GPA improvement and offer classes in specific subjects to improve their GPAs.

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